Capture the Moment with a 1st Birthday Photoshoot (2024)

One minute, your little one is doing the cutest ‘baby scrunch,’ and the next, they’ve started crawling in between your legs, under your table, and all over your home. The first year is a time of constant change and growth as their personality develops and reveals itself in the sweetest ways. There’s no better way to capture these moments than with a 1st birthday photoshoot.

Arranging a photoshoot for your infant will be the gift that keeps on giving, as every time you look at the photos, your heart will jump for joy, remembering how small and sweet they were.

Here are all the 1st birthday photoshoot ideas you need capture this special moment:

Hire a Photographer

First of all, you'll want the perfect photographer to bring your vision to life. Relieve the stress of attempting to catch each fleeting moment yourself and hire a professional photographer who will know all the tips and tricks for a successful photo shoot. They'll keep your little one comfortable and relaxed, granting them the best 1st birthday photos.

Find a Photographer

Family Photoshoot

Capture the Moment with a 1st Birthday Photoshoot (1)Photo: Daniellart/

Get everyone in on the fun for your baby's 1st birthday photoshoot by inviting the whole family. This is a fantastic way to turn this sweet memory into a bonding experience, and the pictures you'll get from it will warm your heart. With more people included, there's a variety of different poses you can do.


Lighting is an element of your photoshoot essential for capturing the best images. It helps determine the brightness and darkness of your pictures but also sets the tone and mood. Depending on your theme, you may require different types of lighting for the set.

Natural light can be ideal for snapping sweet images of your little one out and about, but hiring a studio lighting kit may be perfect for indoor setups.


Music has a fantastic ability to evoke feelings and fun, so it's the perfect detail to help set the atmosphere of your photoshoot and sway the mood of your tiny tot. Why not play lullabies to help relax your child in the new setting, or how about their favorite song to make them dance and wiggle? You can match the playlist to your theme, creating a cohesive environment that will add to the experience.

Choose a 1st Birthday Photoshoot Theme

Under The Sea Theme

Capture the Moment with a 1st Birthday Photoshoot (2)Photo: MDV Edwards/

Make a splash with an under-the-sea-inspired photoshoot! What's cuter than a picture of your little one surrounded by all your favorite sea creatures? This theme is fun and flexible, as you can have a host of ocean-inspired props to set the tone. You can surround your baby with glitter-covered seashells, blue balloons and streamers, and paper-mache starfish.

Mini Musical Instruments

Looking for a cute prop to add a special touch to your photoshoot? This prop will be music to your ears! Placing a mini inflatable musical instrument beside your little one or in the arms will make for the sweetest pictures. Play some lively instrumentals in the background to set the tone, and baby may even produce a little wiggle of a dance move.


Capture the Moment with a 1st Birthday Photoshoot (3)Photo: ARTYOORAN/

A dynamic prop, bubbles are a fun addition to your photoshoot. You can blow one bubble or a million. They can be tiny or massive. You can use them indoors and outdoors. They can come in many different shapes. This idea has so many possibilities, and it'll help your tiny tot develop their visual tracking skills! Blow the bubbles at your child while the camera is on them, and watch as their eyes twinkle and light up with joy.

Puppet Show

Keep your little one laughing all day long with a masterful puppet show! If your baby is easily distracted and constantly curious, then hiring a professional puppeteer will help keep them focused on the here and now. Let an entertainer work their magic while your photographer does their part, and watch as the day unfolds harmoniously.

Jungle Theme

Capture the Moment with a 1st Birthday Photoshoot (4)Photo: Irene Castro/

A perfect way to spend time in nature with your baby is to host this activity in your garden or a park. With a backdrop of greenery already set up for you, you’ll just need some extra touches to hone in on the theme. Using orange, green, and brown balloons, create a balloon arch that pulls from an earthy color palette. Dress your tiny tot up as a wildlife animal like a lion or zebra.

Growing Up Collage

While it's your kid's first birthday, let's pay homage to all the milestones beforehand. This idea requires preparation. For each month leading up to their first birthday, snap a picture of them with decor made up to reference how many months old they are. For the photoshoot, ask your photographer to collage all these pictures alongside their latest first birthday image.

Cake Smash

Capture the Moment with a 1st Birthday Photoshoot (5)Photo: Johnathan Ball/

Cake doubles as a tasty snack that'll keep your baby happy and the perfect prop to mark the occasion; it is a birthday party, after all! Your little one will be amazed by the display placed in front of them. Watch as they tuck into the yummy flavors, and create a little mess that will lead to some fantastic photo memories.

Seasonal Theme

Is your little one a summer sweetheart or a wide-eyed winter baby? Pay homage to their birthday by choosing a theme that truly reflects them. Whether it's spring, summer, fall, or winter, your little angel will melt your heart when they're all decked out in their season's colors.

Water Basin

Capture the Moment with a 1st Birthday Photoshoot (6)Photo: flauma/

Rub-a-dub-dub, this one is a classic! With this idea, you're guaranteed some great photos as your baby makes a splash. Letting your little one mess around in a basin will capture the liveliness and spirit of this birthday celebration.

Costumed Characters

Hiring a costumed character to join your little one for the photoshoot can be the ideal addition to your plans! When you look back on the photo album, it'll be a great reminder of your kid's favorite things in their early years. Who could resist some adorable pictures of your little one laughing with their beloved character?

Finding the Hidden Treasure Theme

Capture the Moment with a 1st Birthday Photoshoot (7)Photo: KOSTYAKOVA EKATERINA/

Is your little one everything you've been wishing for and more? Reference this with a treasure chest as a backdrop for your baby's photoshoot. Prop your babe down on rich, gold-colored blankets and cushions in a treasure chest, and surround them with prop jewels and coins.

Floral Display

You could set your bundle of joy down on a bed of flowers or even use flowers to create a number one beside them. This vibrant display will be a gorgeous addition to your photoshoot, and using your favorite flowers will ensure the photos hold a special place in your heart.

Starry Night Theme

Capture the Moment with a 1st Birthday Photoshoot (8)Photo: Lena May/

Celebrate the big day with a unique theme, where your babe shines like the star they are. You can cut out stars from card paper and place them around your baby or buy star and moon-shaped pillows to sit next to them. Use a dark blue blanket to make a backdrop that resembles outer space, and watch as your little star takes center stage in the sky.

Chalk Board

Using a chalkboard as a background prop for your baby's photoshoot is an excellent addition to the set. You can draw designs on this prop and maybe even hang bunting around it to mark the occasion. It's all in the details, and a chalkboard is an ideal way to let everyone know it's your mini-me's first milestone!


Capture the Moment with a 1st Birthday Photoshoot (9)Photo: Elena Yakusheva/

Balloons add fun, vibrancy, and color to any backdrop, creating beautiful photo opportunities. Lean into child-like wonderment with a stunning balloon display, and capture the picture-perfect awe of your little one. Hand one to your babe and catch the moment they let it fly off into the air.

Magic Theme

This theme allows you to create a fantastical backdrop for your baby's first birthday shoot! Hand your baby a magic wand or a broomstick, and surround them with old books and magic dust to create a fairytale scene. Let your photographer work their magic with this photo session.

Up In The Clouds Theme

Capture the Moment with a 1st Birthday Photoshoot (10)Photo: Edgar Martinez Rodarte/

You only need a blue background, cloud-shaped pillows, or fluffy white blankets to create an in-the-sky effect. You can also incporporate some stars and rainbows, like this balloon arch above.

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Capture the Moment with a 1st Birthday Photoshoot (2024)


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