Huge Garage/Yard sale - garage & moving sales - yard estate sale - craigslist (2024)

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Huge Garage/Yard sale - garage & moving sales - yard estate sale - craigslist (1)

Clay pike near Glenn Drive


friday 2024-06-21

saturday 2024-06-22

start time: 630am

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A Huge Golden Yard/Garage Sale of the year at one household on June 21st and 22nd. A can't miss and a must-visit house to see a ton of things for sale at guaranteed cheap prices. As always, I don't sell junk as it has already been donated or thrown away. All things will be liquidated in two days. Saturday will be half a day. Over the past two years, I have acquired many unique items and the normal things that folks use every day. Here is a small list of the things that I will have:
The Treasure List
1. Electronics, various types, portable stereo. Walkie talkies.
2. Enormous amount of hand tools, some power and battery operated. Blowout prices, I promise. Recommend bundling for even better savings.
3. Fishing gear, rods, lures, tac boxes. Lead for making anchors. Taxidermy - More or less man cave items. Nascar Signs, beer mirrors.
4. Video games galore, Playstation games, Xbox, remotes, accessories.
5. Musical instruments, kids' toys that are in great shape, paintings that are hand painted, and so much more 🎨
6. I have a good variety of hats and some other cool vintage clothing items.
7. Did I mention power tools and hands tools? Excellent time to fill up your toolboxes.
8. Household kitchen, bathroom, whole house items.
9. LAWN and garden items. The neighbor will be selling mowers and weed wackers.
10. Vintage new items such as cameras and lenses, one stand-up camera that will blow your mind.
11. An absolutely massive amount of random collectibles. Just random things you don't normally see. Some cast items to cast cars, decanters (full too).

12. Brand new over n under with original box. I can't discuss this on here. Rounds, too. BB toys, too.

13. Western wear, a lot of belt buckles, watches, pins, patches, old mostly.

14. My son will be selling pokemon cards, toys, nurf, etc ! Boxes of baseball cards.

15. A massive amount of jewelry. All types. Some unique items are cheap guaranteed. I'm not kidding.

16. An enormous amount of vintage pocket knives If you like vintage pocket knives, then this sale is a must.
17. Massive eyeglass/sunglass optical store buyout. Quality and price to sell.1$ each. Bundle for even better deals.
18. A large selection of Halloween masks, some older. Costumes, too.

With this all said, this is my blowout sale of the year that will crush any community or individual sale guaranteed. I will fill over over 20 tables under several large tents. Also, I store dozens of large full totes of items that will be brought out for the Saturday sale so things don't feel like their picked over. I will have so much good stuff to bundle that it will put you in buy mode even in an inflated market. I'll keep costs affordable, and that's my guarantee.

There are NO presales. I will answer questions if you may have them to the best of my ability. Most of the stuff I typically forget I have. Yes, I hire help to assist as it gets to be a lot of work. I'm not a business. My stuff is from storage units ( yes, I do storage wars), and I have estate bulk buyouts where I liquidate all inventory once a year. Guarantee you will make money off this stuff, or you will enjoy these items if you don't resell them.

Signs will be posted in my yard and around town. I welcome everyone, including DIY's, thrifters, pickers, dealers, fleamarketers, Ebayers, collectors, or whoever anytime after 6:30am. June 21st and 22nd Bulk buyers are recommended and will get the best deal. Fleamarketers, please message me or see me on June 22nd after 12 pm. or message me for additional details. As always, ALL and I mean all items left over are always donated, so if there is a charity, Church or whatever, please message to ask about that.

Free easy parking off Clay Pike as my driveway is just off of it. Address is 1271 Clay pike, with an Irwin GPS location. I'm technically in North Huntingdon.

Thank you for your time if you lasted this long! The hunt is on, see you then!!!!!

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    Huge Garage/Yard sale - garage & moving sales - yard estate sale - craigslist (2024)


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